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Ok, may that is a bit extreme and arrogant but seriously, we love what we do and what we do is crossfit.

We discuss everything from the latest gyms, workouts and techniques to weight loss tips, nutrition advice and even how to increase your testosterone.

We also highlight other websites in the industry we think our readers will find valuable.

For instance, check out this review on Evl Test from iTestosterone if you are a man. The website is packed full of rock solid, science backed information that can help you take your workouts, libido and even your beard to a whole new level.

Or give this article on the best vitamins for women by Dr. Axe and discover what nutrients will best suit your body.

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There is no better way to get in shape than with crossfit and we are honored that you are spending your time learning about this amazing fitness program with us.

We deliver weekly articles from our staff of personal trainers and hardcore enthusiast to keep you up to date and fully informed.

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