The Dirty Secrets of Dieting

Diet Less – Lose Weight More

Are you sick of bouncing from diet to diet just to get the same results… nothing?

Are you tired of pills, potions, boring workouts and tasteless foods that still leave you hungry?

There is a reason every diet you have tried has not worked. It’s not your fault. You haven’t failed to diet; your diets have failed you! I’m going to let you in on the dirty little secrets of diet programs. They want you to fail!

That’s right, they want you to fail. If you don’t fail, if you don’t gain the weight back, they cannot make more money getting you to buy another program or product. Don’t fall for more empty promises. I’m going to expose the truth about weight loss right here, right now!

My name is Jim Jammers, I am a professional fitness trainer, nutritionist and published health and fitness author. I am going to teach you the truth about losing weight and keeping it off… PERMANENTLY!

I’m going to share with you the secrets that the “diet plans” don’t want you to know about. Best of all, the weight loss is going to be fast and feel effortless. You don’t have to eat less, you don’t have to count calories and you don’t have to eat tasteless food or have expensive meals delivered to you.

I love the Duke Diet but this is even better!

Recent studies actually show that two-thirds of all dieters gain the weight back within a year and a whopping 24% gained more weight than they lost! Two studies showed that those on the famous Atkins Diet slowed or actually reversed within 6 months. Atkins himself died at 258 pounds.

“So what do I have to do?” you ask.

All you have to do is buy the right foods and prepare your meals the right way. Guess what though… and this is the fun part. This isn’t some eat more vegetables and fruits plan. This isn’t a stay away from butter and watch your saturated fat intake diet and this is absolutely not an eat tasteless bland food all day program!

What I am going to share with you in my ebook is so powerful, so effective, it’s going to bring the weight loss industry to its knees, and it is like nothing you have heard before!

What we eat and how we prepare our food controls how we feel, our weight, body fat composition, and how healthy are hair, skin and nails are. If you are a man it also controls your testosterone levels and is more important than supplements!

If you are ready to lose weight naturally, effortlessly, have fun doing it, and enjoy your food like never before, then I am going to show you how to do it.

If you have tried other diets without success or have not been able to keep the weight off, I am going to show you why they have failed you.

Stop spending hundreds of dollars and ruining your health on diets, programs and promises that don’t work and want you to keep coming back to them and spending your hard earned money.

Here are 3 FREE Tips just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about……….

Diet Tip #1

Did you know that approximately 30% of all vegetarians are actually overweight? You’re going to learn the truth about eating meat and why the correct beef, chicken and pork are actually good for you and will help you lose weight, lower your cholesterol, and make for better tasting meals.

Diet Tip #2

Cooking with the correct butter, will actually help shed pounds. Vegetable oils have fats too (even extra virgin olive oil) and cooking with those fats can change the composition of the fat molecules, actually making them poisonous to you; contribute to cancer, and bring your weight loss efforts to a screeching halt.

The truth is that commercial diets and weight loss programs spend millions of dollars trying to tell you to follow diets that are full of omega-6 rich oils also known as linoleic acid, which is found in vegetable oils such as corn, grain, safflower, and soybean. Scientific studies actually show that diets rich in LA lead to problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and even cancer. No wonder you aren’t losing fat!

Diet Tip #3

Cooking the correct chicken in the skin is actually very good for you! It will help you lose weight faster, lower your cholesterol and give your immune system a huge boost. Plus the taste is much more juicy and yummy!

The important thing to know is what the “correct” chicken to buy is. Chicken skin/fat nutrition varies greatly depending on the diet of the bird. In chicken soup, the fat from the skin gets cooked into the broth which is why it has a long held tradition of curing the common cold and flu.

I am so confident that what I have to tell you will make such a dramatic difference for the positive in your life, will make you feel so much better, give you so much more confidence, that my program which is digital so you can download it instantly, has a onetime charge of $99.95 Sale Only $39.95 and comes with a risk free, ironclad, 60 day money back guarantee.

That’s right, if you don’t feel like the information and secrets “they” don’t want you to know about is making you look and feel better than you have ever felt in your life, just let me know and I will refund your full purchase. It really is just that easy!

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