Top 5 Effective Ways to Consistent Workout Routines

The gym scene can be intimidating to you if you are not an athlete or a serious exerciser. Maybe you just want to keep fit for your health.

You can do simple exercises that do not require gym attendance. Some of the best effective routines can do wonders in maintaining your weight; strengthen your bones and joints and boost your testosterone. Bladder-related problems and memory loss are curbed. Consistent workouts also help in improving your balance and range of motion.

Regardless of your fitness level or age, these routines can help in getting you physically fit in no time.

1. Swimming

Swimming is considered the best work out, especially for arthritic people as it requires less vigorous and weight-bearing movements. The buoyancy of the water takes the strain of the painful joints. The buoyancy supports your body which enables you to move freely with less effort. As you burn off calories, it also improves your mental state and consequently put you in a better mood.

2. Strength Training

It is advised to learn the proper weight lifting program before getting into it. You should start with lighter weights and increase at intervals as you go on. This program will keep your muscles strong. Muscle power is gained because also muscles building aids in weight loss. Brain function is also improved.

3. Walking

Brisk walking of about 10-15 minutes for a start can help you trim your body, strengthen your bones, stabilize blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels among other benefits. While your mood is lifted so is your immune system against heart diseases and diabetes. Studies show that brisk walking also improves memory and resist age-related memory loss diseases.

4. Tai Chi

This is an ancient martial arts where it engages the body in a series of exercises while in motion. Tai Chi combines a series of movements suitable for relaxing the body and mind. The smooth integration of movements is useful for all people of all ages and fitness levels. It also enhances balance, especially for the senior members.

As we get older we lose our balance which is a key component of fitness routines. Tai chi classes are offered at various levels.

5. Kegel exercises

Kegel workouts are exercises which are geared to strengthen the muscles that support the bladder, otherwise known as the pelvic floor muscles. Women are familiar with this exercise as many mothers are advised to do them regularly.

Strong pelvic floor muscles prevent bladder related diseases. Men too can benefit from this exercise. The correct way to do it is by holding and releasing the muscles just like when you are preventing from passing urine or gas. You hold the contraction for about 2-3 seconds, then release and relax your pelvic floor after these contractions. You can do it 10 times in sets of four or five per day.

Most of the activities we do in our normal lives also count as physical exercise such as playing with your kids, dancing, gardening among others. Activities that last about 30 minutes are still some forms of workout exercise and can be done anywhere and anytime.