Amazing Benefits Of Inositol

Nature has its way of taking care of us by providing us with natural remedies. Inositol is one of those remedies. You’ve probably never heard of it, especially if you are a woman who has never struggled with infertility. However, it is a common supplement used around the world.

First, it would only be prudent to explain what Inositol is. Inositol is a chemical compound which is found in nature in nine different forms.

It is a natural sugar (sugar alcohol-more accurately) such as that found in grapes, which can be quickly broken down in the body to be used as a source of energy. It is sometimes commonly referred to as Vitamin B8, although it isn’t considered a true vitamin. It can be taken as a supplement in powder form but there are also many foods that are rich in it.

Benefits of Inositol

  1. Treating PCOS and Improving Fertility – This is perhaps the most well-known and thoroughly researched benefit of Inositol. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a common syndrome affecting up to 21% of women affecting fertility. Research shows that 72% of women with PCOS experience problems with infertility compared to 16% of women without PCOS. Studies show that Inositol has the ability to restore spontaneous ovulation and improving fertility in women with PCOS.
  2. Combating mental illness – By its interaction with the central nervous system, Inositol has been found to be possibly effective against particular types of mental illness. Such conditions include depression, panic disorder, anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD).
  3. Cancer treatment – Foods that have a high content in them are known to be cancer-fighting foods. In the treatment of certain cancers that have been proven to stop progression, reduced or even completely treated using supplements such as colon cancer, Inositol is used in combination with other cancer treatment supplements.
  4. Improving insulin sensitivity in Diabetes – The last of Inositol can be linked to insulin resistance in patients with PCOS, diabetes, and preeclampsia. Also reduces chances of Gestational Diabetes.
  5. Possible therapy in eating disorders – Inositol has shown significant improvements in people suffering from bulimia nervosa.
  6. Improves symptoms of infant respiratory distress syndrome – Many times, premature babies are born with this syndrome characterized by underdeveloped lungs and a struggle in breathing. Administering Inositol to babies born prematurely with RDS can help increase their survival rates and reduce the development of retinopathy of prematurity-which can lead to blindness- and bronchopulmonary dysplasia – a chronic lung condition occurring as a result of RDS.
  7. Lowering some symptoms of PMS – A study conducted over six menstrual cycles of a group of women showed that Inositol, either in powder form or a gel applied topically caused a reduction in depression and dysphoria, both associated with PMS. This study showed that Inositol treatments may be a good option for that suffering from consistent emotional problems of PMS.

Inositol was discovered over 150 years ago in the human body and research is still being conducted on all its possible health benefits.