Resveratrol Health Benefits

Resveratrol Facts

Below we’ll be going through the benefits other users have seen for themselves, a brief history behind the supplement, an explanation of why certain aspects of resveratrol work so well, and a few other random tidbits that we believe you should be aware of before purchasing a resveratrol supplement.

Bear with us for a moment while we take a step back to mid-2006, when resveratrol was first widely introduced as a compound that could effectively help you live a onger, healthier life. Consumers began flocking to health stores in response.

However, back then, many of the resveratrol supplements available on the market fell short of providing true, measurable benefits. This was due to the fact that resveratrol was still being fully understood.

Flash forward to 2010, and we now have much more evidence that resveratrol can help humans live a healthier, younger, more vital life.

Resveratrol have also been proven to help soften wrinkles, aid in weight loss, improve nutrient intake, help remove built up toxins from your body, and improve overall energy throughout the day. With the addition of this improved energy, many individuals are also able to get to sleep easier at night.

While the benefits are highly individualized at this point, the popularity of resveratrol continues to improve as more consumers feel the overwhelming benefits and companies are producing better products.

As we have found out, companies are now offering different types of resveratrol for everyone’s benefit. As most of the resveratrol used in university studies has been dissolved in ethanol for maximum absorption, some companies are now offering micronized resveratrol to help match the studies. Micronized resveratrol is simply resveratrol that has been reduced and thinned out to feel more like talcum powder.

This change in the powder has been shown to increase absorption, boost testosterone and more closely resembles the resveratrol used in laboratory studies. At this time we only recommend one company that has independently shown to have the smallest particle size and manufactures this micronized resveratrol in the United States. We believe consumers will benefit as more companies start to offer micronized resveratrol

What Is Resveratrol, And How Does It Work?

Essentially, the resveratrol compound is classified in a family that’s known as polyphenols. In small amounts, resveratrol can be found naturally in grapes, some green teas, and even peanuts. It is also the main ingredient that gives red wine natural anti-aging properties.

In 2006, a study published in the journal Nature showed that certain regions in France actually had lower instances of heart disease, resulting in higher longevity.

What was the difference? In these specific areas, the traditional wine-making practices included a technique that helped the wine retain more polyphenol compounds, including resveratrol, which resulted in the benefits. This study shows us how effective resveratrol and polyphenols really are.

Does Resveratrol Work For Everyone?

As additional promising research and studies continue to be published, we’ve seen a dramatic jump in visitors that want to try out resveratrol for themselves.

Honestly, who can blame them? Most of the major benefits are proven, and thousands of people are already singing the praises, so it’s certainly in your best interest to give it a try. But that brings up the questions, will it work for you?

We could talk to you about the benefits that other people are seeing while using resveratrol until we’re blue in the face, but the truth is that they have their own individual bodies.

Yes, you should certainly start to feel better, lose a few pounds, and become healthier overall, but if you continue to overeat, smoke, drink and otherwise utilize bad habits, you’re not going to see as many benefits.

By starting to pay attention to what you eat, and what types of activities could be negatively affecting your body in your day-to-day life, you can dramatically amp up the benefits you’ll receive while taking a resveratrol supplement.

We suggest making a few simple changes to your life, and giving resveratrol a try for yourself. This is part of the reason why we offer reviews on products that come with a 30 day money back guarantee, where you can return the product within 30 days if you are not happy with it. It gives you the chance to try out the product, usually for a few weeks, before truly committing to a full supply every month.

If you like the product, continue taking it and when you run out simply order a monthly order or another single order. There are no surprises and no one forces you into a subscription of any kind. It’s really that simple.

Now is the time to check out our reviews, and more specifically, our highest rated resveratrol and micronized resveratrol recommendations.

We may change these frequently as we see better products available, however our current recommendations will always be posted in our section called “Recommended Resveratrol” which you will find on the right hand side of this page. It’s certainly in your best interest to give resveratrol a try today.

If you have any further questions, we’d love to answer them here whenever possible. Please come back to see if we have answered your question in one of our posts. Remember, we don’t provide direct customer service for any products. Those products are offered through third-party companies who have their own products and support team, which we simply review.

What about time-release resveratrol?

Time release capsules or formulations work on the premise that small doses are released into your system throughout the day, and that the small doses will provide benefits. Resveratrol has been shown to be different.

Most benefits shown in animals or our articles under “Resveratrol Research” show that the benefits came from having a certain amount of resveratrol present in the blood. Most of the time this cannot be achieved in humans with a low dose such as that from a time release formula.

As humans, our metabolism is far more advanced than that of animals. We can quickly metabolize resveratrol very quickly, when compared to animals.

The problem with a time release capsule or formula is that it will likely never provide human beings any benefits found in most studies due to our wonderfully efficient metabolism.

We have not seen any scientist or study consider a time release formula because of this issue, and cannot recommend it at this time.