Tinnitus and Its Remedies

Tinnitus is a sort of ringing sound that initiates from within ears or from the head in the absence of any external sound. It is a nuisance in most cases. Tinnitus may rarely lead to serious medical condition.

It may take place in the outer, middle or inner ear. These sounds are also generated with problems in the brain. When sound in the surroundings minimizes, one is able to hear the ringing in the ears.

A most common condition of tinnitus results from very minute damages to the hearing nerve inside the ear. Old age may result in degenerative tinnitus due to the impairment of hearing nerve.

It is also noted that a few medicines like aspirin can also cause harm to the inner ear that will amount to tinnitus problems. A loud noise can cause tinnitus. The sound of high intensity music, blasts and firearms is harmful.

Tinnitus is not a disease. It is side effect of some inherent condition or improper functioning of some part of body. For example, a severe hit on the head may injure the inside configuration of ear for hearing. It may result impaired hearing or tinnitus. This is known as cochlear tinnitus. It is due to cochlear damage.

To treat cochlear tinnitus, it is necessary to repair the damage to cochlear. Cochlear implant is done to bypass the injured portion of ear and to generate the electrical waves that stimulate the nerves to check tinnitus.

Mostly the person cannot hear the sound created in ears because of the external sound. A blockade in the ear such as wax accumulation or a foreign body may diminish the surrounding sound and one can hear his own sound.

Unfortunately, there is no sure cure available for tinnitus. Many people have tried with acupuncture or drug treatments to stop tinnitus effects. However, there is hardly much success.

Some have suggested that focusing on weight loss may actually help cure the issue but there is no scientific proof to back up this claim.

Most recent development is Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment. It is conceived to be a non-invasive technique to treat tinnitus. The therapy helps in curbing the tinnitus symptoms in the body in a natural manner. There is no surgery involved.

The treatments provided for Tinnitus generally include improving the conditions of the patient by giving some aids to reduce the severity of environmental conditions to decrease the effect of tinnitus. This treatment may include:

Counseling can help to change the way to react to tinnitus and live with it.

Providing hearing aid to those with impaired hearing and tinnitus reduce its effect.

Sound generators are fixed in ears or mounted on tables to create enjoyable sound for overcoming the effects of tinnitus.

If a patient is having extreme problem, he is provided with a headphone that creates acoustic broadband signals embedded in music to relax him by stimulation.

There are a few anti anxiety and antidepressants drug used to lower the effect of tinnitus and make the person relaxed or assist to get sleep.

One can get many other remedies or drugs, but these have not proved to be effective. The best treatment is to reduce the influence of internal noise by some means.